Friday, October 2, 2015

Important Places with Important People.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the people of Eger. I mean, look at them!
Saying goodbye to the best class I've ever been in was anything but easy. Maybe it was only for a month, but these wonderful people welcomed me into their class so easily and I won't ever forget how great they were to me. Also, they bought me chocolate so I guess they're pretty cool...
Seriously, though. Moving from the town I have grown to love so dearly kind of totally sucks. The good news is that my new home of Gyöngyös isn't too far away for me to come visit, and some of my friends even live pretty close to me! Even though I won't see them every day, I'm hopeful that we will maintain friendships throughout the year. And something to look forward to is starting at a new school and making new friends, right?
Also: have some pictures from the sightseeing my "hangos (& nagy) család" (or my big and loud family, aka my exchange family) went on!
Our first stop was at the Collegium in Eger. We went to the top to look over our beautiful city!

Next, we found ourselves at the Marzipan Museum. Keep in mind as you look at these beauties that as we were about to leave the museum, in walks the creator of all these pieces! He was a really nice guy! :)

Our final stop was at the Minorete. Climbing up 100(okay, 97) steps through a narrow, winding corridor was a bit of a workout, you could say. And maybe a bit terrifying when we finally reached the top. Did you know that the structure is so narrow that only 6 people can be in the place at a time?

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