Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Is this how you start a blog?

So, it's been highly suggested to me to start a blog before my upcoming adventures as an AFS student. Here I am, finally listening to someone! (*coughs* It's a start, mom.)
I'll be using this blog to document my travels in Europe for the next year(ish), specifically Hungary, as well as anything else I feel is worthy of sharing.
Let's start with basics. My name is Rachael, and I am 16 years old. I hate driving and I have a 21 year old black cat named Mocha. I am most definitely a cat person, but above all, I am a writer. Music is a major part of my life; both in listening to it and playing it. I have a desire deep in my soul to do something with my life that benefits the world, in both big and small ways. I hope that I can do this through both my words and my actions, and this (my trip, that is, but I guess you could say this collection of my inner ramblings you call a blog could count too, if you can consider sarcasm and fangirling inspiring in the slightest) will, with any luck, be the start of my finding a way to help the world and pull my part.
Now, all gushy life dreams aside, let's get to the reason I started this blog. My knowledge of my adventure from August 2015 - July 2016 thus far is as follows:
  1. I will be living in the beautiful town of Eger, Hungary.
  2. My host family is a lovely couple with 4 kids(!), already very different from my single parent/single child household in America.
  3. My host father is a computer programmer and musician, both of which things I thoroughly enjoy.
  4. My host parents speak a little English (thank goodness!) And their children will hopefully be able to help me learn their language (Hungarian - of which I know approximately four words so far. That's gotta count for something, though...right?).
  5. The weather where I will be is similar to that of my hometown here in Pennsylvania.
This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, and although it could possibly be the worst year of my life, it will also be the best (cliche, much? Absolutely). I have already made so many friends going through some of the same changes I am, and that number will only increase with time! I will be one in the many of us to bridge the culture gaps of societies all around the world and lend a hand - or two, and my feet as well...heck, why not my whole body? - in bringing the world one (small, small, small) step closer to some form of understanding and harmony with one another.

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