Sunday, April 10, 2016

91 Days.

July 9th, 2016.
Otherwise known as what might be one of the worst and best days of my life(but mostly worst).
Why? It's the day I have to say goodbye to the hundreds of people I've met here and some of my closest friends. The day I have to take my 3rd and 4th flights which I'm not looking forward to - well, at least not the eight hour one. The day that will probably mess up my sleeping schedule for at least the following week.
It will be a day I remember forever. Trust me, despite my previous paragraph, I can't wait to hug my parents(and cat) again. I can't wait to make them stop at Chipotle on our way back home from New York(because does anything in Hungary really compare to a Chipotle burrito? I'll tell you: it does not). I can't wait to see how messed up my English is when I'm surrounded by native speakers.
Now, if you're a math person(or have a countdown set up like my mom probably does), you're probably thinking, "but Rachael, July 9th is in 90 days, not 91!" And you would be correct, but more so than July 9th, 2016, I'm excited for July 10th, 2016.
The day I arrive back to the states, I probably won't reach PA until the evening, leaving little time to visit anyone. July 10th, however, is a Sunday, also know as(in my family, at least) church day - and yes, mom, you're taking me to church. My entire family attends the same church, not to mention my youth group, or my second family.
And that's something I can't wait for. That's the day I'll truly celebrate being home.

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  1. Uncle Steve and I ate at Chipotle on Saturday and Megan and I ate there on Wednesday last week two time in on week. Can't wait to see you.